Whisson Lake - Mixed Half Dozen

Whisson Lake - Mixed Half Dozen

Product Description
Whisson Lake - Mixed Half Dozen

For those who struggle with choices or just want to try all the Pinot Noir... we've released a mixed half dozen!  

Our wines go beyond single vineyard. We’ve divided our small Piccadilly Valley hill into a series of carefully selected single sections, sometimes little more than a few rows, from which each wine is sourced. 

Our vineyard features east-facing hillside curves and rises so steeply it’s created its own Burgundy-style mesoclimate, sunny and warm in some sections, cool and shady in others all on a 15-acre hill. This terroir allows us to highlight how the one variety can be so diverse in the right conditions. 

We've handpicked this mixed dozen to include: 

  • 2012 White Label Pinot Noir 
  • 2012 Monopole "The Old Garden" 
  • 2012 Monopole "The Pink Rows 
  • 2011 La Storia Rosa 
  • 2011 Le Gris De Noir 
  • 2010 Pinot Nero
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